Sunday, November 11, 2007

Gossip Girl Screen Caps

So after much time spent scouring the internet for screen caps, I am proud to post some screen caps from past Gossip Girl episodes that feature Kimberly Baker Jewelry. There has been a lot of our jewelry on the show and trust me, it was not easy finding these shots but this is just a taste of the awesome exposure the jewels have been receiving. You have to tune in to get the full effect.

This shot is from the episode, Poison Ivy. Actress, Leighton Meester, who plays Blair is wearing the Kelly necklace in 18 kt Gold Vermeil.

These are two different screen caps from the episode, Dare Devil. Actress Blake Lively, who plays Serena, is wearing the Heidi earrings in Sterling Silver.

Here's actress, Nan Zhang, who plays Kati, wearing the Bird in Hand coin necklace and the Gift Horse Coin Necklace, both in 18 kt Gold Vermeil. This is from episode, The Handmaidens Tale.

Actress Jessica Szohr, who plays Vanessa, wears the Sterling Silver Oona Earrings on episode, The Handmaiden's Tale.

Actress Taylor Momsen, who plays Jenny, is wearing the Dolly Necklace in Sterling Silver on episode, The Handmaidens Tale. Taylor also wears the Danny Ring in 18kt Gold Vermeil in the beginning of the episode as well.

Phew. Well, there you have it. Like I said, it's just a taste, really.